Ninth Generation

460. Benjamin Borden was born on 6 April 1675 in Middletown, Monmouth Co., New Jersey. He died in November 1743 at the age of 68 in Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia.

LAND: (1700) Hist. of Burlington and Mercer Counties; p. 454; EXTRACTION: 8 Jan1700 bought 1000 acres from Anthony Woodward in Grest Docwra Patent, south of Arbeytown.

CHILDREN: N.J. Arch.; Vol.2, p 362; NOTE: All children except youngest born in Middletown, Monmouth; N.J.

BIOGRAPHY: (25 Mar 1701) N.J. Arch.; Vol.2, p.362. Court of Sessions of Monmouth, New Jersey; EXTRACTION: "One Moses Butterworth who was accused of piracy (sailed) with Captain Kidd, who was bound to appear... During examination Willet said Governor & Justices had no authority & he would break up trial. Signaled to armed men to rescue prisoner. Benjamin Borden & Richard (his brother) took hold of the prisoner at bar and tried to take him by force, and were wounded in the scuffle. The other men in the company rescued the two Bordens and tore to bits the examination papers of the prisoner. The prisoner escaped and 100 men held the Governor & the Justices, the King's Attorney General and the sheriff and clerk of the court for 5 days. Later this group (Borden, Capt. Safety Grover, James Grover and William Winter), all relatives, petitioned the King of England to appoint a suitable person as Governor."

BIOGRAPHY: (1734) Benjamin Borden, Shenandoah Valley Pioneer: His Ancestry and Descendants by J.A. Kelly; (1931); 2nd Series, Vol. VI, p 259-264; from GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES from the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine (1982) Genealogical Pub Co., Baltimore; EXTRACT: Benjamin is said to have been a justice of Spotsylvania Co, but the published records of that county make no mention of his name. His first recorded appearance in Virginia is apparently on 21 Jan 1734 when he was appointed one of the justices of the newly formed county of Orange. (Virginia Magazine of History, Vol. XIII (1904-06), p 351.) On 18 Feb 1734 Orange County Order Book 1, p 8 indicates Benjamin Borden took his Oath of a Justice of the Peace along with others. Zeruiah Winter and Benjamin Borden were married before 1700.

461. Zeruiah Winter was born in 1680 in Middletown, Monmouth Co., New Jersey. She died in 1751 at the age of 71 in Prince William Co., Virginia.

Children were:



John Borden.