Third Generation

18. Francis Kirkpatrick was born between 1735 and 1740 in Ulster, Ireland(?). He died in June 1798 at the age of 63 in Chester Co., South Carolina. Francis, son of James and Mary Kirkpatrick, was born about 1735-40, exact birth location is not known. It has been suggested that he was possibly born in Ulster, Ireland before the relocation of his family to the American Colonies. However, later research has shown that his father, uncles, and grandfather had removed from Scotland in 1715 after the failed Jacobite Rebellion. Given that information and his birth date range, it is most likely now that he was born in Ulster, Northern Ireland. He died in Chester County, South Carolina before June 1798.

He married twice. His second wife and widow was named Margaret. According to the records of Michael Crough, she was Margaret (Gilmer) Rogers.

He is referred to in Ellet's WOMEN IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION (Vol. 3) as Captain Francis Kirkpatrick of the South Carolina Militia. Another reference to his military service is in the South Carolina's audited accounts of the militia of the Revolution which refers to him as lieutenant. Soldiers in the South Carolina Militia claiming service under him as lieutenant are Joseph Robinson (Audited account 6527) and John Russell (Audited account 6888). Russell shows Kirkpatrick to be in Winn's Regiment.

In a 1781 campaign, Francis appears to have lost a mare and made claim for the lost animal. The value of such loss was appraised by Ezekiel Gillham and Robert Kirkpatrick, the latter believed to be the younger brother of Francis. Audited account 4332 refers to this horse as well as "personal service" but does not specify rank or unit. A statement signed by Gillham and Robert Kirkpatrick describes the horse as "...a certain bay mare about 13 « hands high branded the near shoulder thus 'F' and on the near buttock thus 'K', the property of Francis Kirkpatrick which he the said Kirkpatrick lost in his return from a campaign in the month of July 1781 is worth the sum of twenty-five pounds old currency." This document is dated 7 May 1785. The audited accounts are on file at Columbia, South Carolina, at the state archives.

The will of Francis Kirkpatrick was filed in Chester and was signed 28 April 1791. Clayton Rogers, his executor, qualified 28 September 1798. The will on file in the Chester County, South Carolina courthouse is in very bad physical condition. An abstract of it indicates children from two marriages and disposition of goods as follows:
1. Margaret, his wife: "...all her wearing apparel also one bed and furniture."
2. To Samuel, his son: " grey colt and saddle and bridle and all my wearing apparel."
3. To daughter Margaret, daughter Ann, son James and son Robert: 5 Shillings each.
4. To daughter Elenor, daughter Jane, daughter Elizabeth, son Wallace, son William Thomas, son John and son Edward: "...the rest of my property is to be equally divided
among my remaining children...and I allow my wife a living during her life or widowhood...
5. And last my land to be sold and the proceeds divided among my children last named...".

Clayton Rogers signed as executor and witnesses were Samuel Robinson, James Willson and James Love.

A number of other documents refer to Francis Kirkpatrick's decease. A guardian bond dated 25 July 1799 names Joseph Feemster as guardian for Edward Kirkpatrick, orphan of Francis Kirkpatrick, deceased. Another dated 30 January 1799 names Charles Gillmore as guardian for William Thomas Kirkpatrick, orphan and minor son of Francis Kirkpatrick.

Legacy payments are recorded to Elizabeth Kirkpatrick and to Matthew Rogers as guardian for John Kirkpatrick in 1802. Legacy payments are recorded in a return of June 1798 for Samuel Kirkpatrick, Jane Kirkpatrick and Elenor Kirkpatrick.

An undated paper regarded by Mrs. Crowder ( a Chester County, South Carolina genealogist) as a return on the estate, lists values of various items either apparently given to Francis' children or purchased for them or by them from the estate. These are listed as: (the tracts may well be land purchases)

# S P
John Kirkpatrick Stack Hay 1 6
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Earthenware 3 2
Clayton Rogers Small Hides 10 6
Sam'l Kirkpatrick Lower Tract 81 5 4
Eleanor Kirkpatrick Upper Tract 35 4 8
Samuel Kirkpatrick Yoke Oxen 3 15 10
Jane Kirkpatrick Pot Rack 4 11
Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Coffee Mill 1 2

The will of Francis Kirkpatrick is apparently listed in no will book in the county. It is listed in a WPA compilation as being found in Apt. No. 33, Package No. 526, Office of Probate Judge for Chester County, South Carolina. Some records list only children from the first family. Apparently the others were once visible but are now lost in the rags, folds and pieces of the original will and hence are not transcribed in many instances.

Children: (by first marriage)
i. James, b. ca. 1761
ii. Robert, b. ca. 1768 (see appendix A)
iii. Margaret, b. ca. 1770
iv. Samuel, b. 1772
v. Ann, b. ca. 1772

Children: (by second marriage)

vi. Eleanor (Elenor), b. ca. 1774
vii. Elizabeth, b. ca. 1776 or 1782, md. David Demant
viii. Wallace, b. ca. 1781
ix. William Thomas, b. ca. 1785
x. John, b. 24 April 1786
xi. Jane, b. 1788
xii. Edward Morehead, b. 4 April 1790

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Francis Kirkpatrick and Margaret Gilmer Rogers were married in 1773 in Chester Co., SC(?). Margaret Gilmer Rogers was born (date unknown).

Francis Kirkpatrick and Margaret Gilmer Rogers had the following children:



Eleanor Kirkpatrick was born in 1774. She was also known as Elenor Kirkpatrick.



Elizabeth Kirkpatrick was born in 1776.



Wallace Kirkpatrick was born in 1781.



William Thomas Kirkpatrick was born in 1785.

William Thomas Kirkpatrick was born after 1784. Day Jewell states, "This is determined by his being the oldest child of Francis to have a guardian appointed for him, by law, to look after his interests in his father's estate." On 30 Jan 1789, the Court of Chester County, SC, appointed Charles Gillmore guardian for William Thomas Kirkpatrick, orphaned and minor child of Francis Kirkpatrick. William Thomas Kirkpatrick went to Sumner County, Tennessee, after his father's estate was settled, and was surety for the marriage of his sister, Elizabeth to David Demant. (Ref. Kirkpatrick Genealogy, 2nd Ed. - Melvin Kirkpatrick/David Hudson)



John Kirkpatrick.



Jane Kirkpatrick.



Edward Morehead Kirkpatrick.

Unknown 1st WifeFK was born (date unknown).

Francis Kirkpatrick and Unknown 1st WifeFK had the following children:



James Kirkpatrick.



Robert Kirkpatrick was born in 1768.



Margaret Kirkpatrick was born in 1770.



Samuel Kirkpatrick.



Ann Kirkpatrick was born in 1772.