Third Generation

22. John Kirkpatrick was born about 1744 in Scotland?. He died on 13 August 1785 at the age of 41.

John Kirkpatrick was born 1744, most probably in Scotland, and died 13 Aug 1785, Chester, South Carolina. On 8 Mar 1772 he was married to Elizabeth Craig in the Bullock Creek Presbyterian Church by the Rev. William Alexander. Elizabeth was born 27 April 1749. Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, John's widow, died 30 Jun 1838, apparently in Chester County, South Carolina. She did not remarry after John Kirkpatrick's death.

On 8 April 1846, Joseph Kirkpatrick, son of John Kirkpatrick, and a resident of Chester, South Carolina, aged 70 years, stated that he was the only surviving child of John Kirkpatrick and that the same John Kirkpatrick had been an officer in the militia of South Carolina in the Revolutionary War. Joseph Kirkpatrick supplied, in support of his application, a commission from Governor Rutledge of South Carolina, commissioning the said John Kirkpatrick..."by these presents do commission and appoint, you the said John Kirkpatrick, to be a Captain of a company of foot in the New Acquisition and in Col. William Bratton's Regiment, which said Company you are to lead, train, muster and exercise, according to military discipline..."* The commission is dated 11 April 1781 ("and in the fifth year of the independence of America").

This paper is included in the pension claim papers of Joseph Kirkpatrick based on his mother's relationship with John Kirkpatrick. Another paper in the same file states that Kirkpatrick was a Private and a Captain in the regiments commanded by Cols. Bratton and Roebuck. (Apparently a pension had been paid to Elizabeth Kirkpatrick prior to the claim of her son Joseph.)

Captain Day Jewell states that one John K. Jameson, age 62, made oath that he served with John Kirkpatrick in the Snow Campaign in 1776-77, and further that other indents and documents show service under Colonels Moffet and Sumter, and that he (John Kirkpatrick) furnished wagons, teams, and supplies to the military forces over a period of years.

* The territory called the New Acquisition had been acquired from North Carolina by a trade made in 1772. It consisted of those parts of the present counties of York, Cherokee and Spartanburg, South Carolina, that lie north of the 35th degree of North Latitude. North Carolina received land East of the Catawba Indian reservation in exchange.

John Kirkpatrick and Elizabeth Craig were married on 8 March 1772 in Bullock's Creek Church, York Co., South Carolina. Elizabeth Craig was born on 27 April 1749. She died on 30 June 1838 at the age of 89 in Chester, South Carolina.

John Kirkpatrick and Elizabeth Craig had the following children:



Eleanor Kirkpatrick was born on 27 September 1772. She was also known as Nelley Kirkpatrick.



Joseph H. Kirkpatrick.



Jane Kirkpatrick.



James Kirkpatrick was born on 29 September 1780.



Mary Kirkpatrick.



Elizabeth Kirkpatrick was born on 14 August 1784. She died on 8 August 1810 at the age of 25.