Third Generation

19. Thomas Kirkpatrick was born between 1741 and 1742. He died in 1780 at the age of 39 in Charleston Co., South Carolina.

Thomas Kirkpatrick was an officer in the South Carolina militia during the American Revolution, with the rank of Captain. He was in a number of actions. In the pension application file of John Black, York County, SC (W9359) Black states that he served under Captain Thomas Kirkpatrick and Colonel Thomas Neal for six weeks in June or July 1776 against the Cherokee tribe. Again he asserts that he was a two week volunteer under Captain Thomas Kirkpatrick against the Tories on Fairforest Creek (Union County), South Carolina, in January 1779. He also attests that he served under Captain Kirkpatrick and Major Ross in an expedition to the state of Georgia in the campaign that resulted in the Battle of Briar Creek where General Ashe was defeated by British General Prevost. Thomas Kirkpatrick's own audited account (AA4335) in the South Carolina Archives names him as a captain and pays him for 60 days service in 1779 and bears a marginal note referring to Briar Creek, Georgia.

Kirkpatrick was taken prisoner sometime during the Revolution and died of illness while held by the British at Charleston. Accounts vary as to when and where he was taken. His widow, Margaret (Kirkpatrick) Dodds, in a pension claim, says it was at the Battle of Briar Creek in Georgia. Since many Americans were taken prisoner in this battle, it seems possible that this is a correct account, but the battle took place in 1779, and Kirkpatrick died in 1782.

In another account, a kinsman, Isaac Gillham, says that Kirkpatrick was taken prisoner at his own residence by British captains Noah and Adamson. He also states that Thomas was an acting Major in the army and that he died in 1780. There seems no question but that he was kept on board a British prison ship for a time, where he became ill. He was then moved ashore into Charleston where he died.
Margaret Dodds' application for a pension based on the Revolutionary War service of Thomas Kirkpatrick is on file at the National Archives as file number R2991, and though supported by John Kirkpatrick, Thomas' son, and by Isaac Gillham, Thomas's Son-In-Law, the application failed for lack of proof. Application was made from Sangamon County, Illinois, in 1843.

Thomas Kirkpatrick's death notice was read from the pulpit of Bullock's Creek Presbyterian Church, York County, SC, by the pastor Joseph Allexander, on 3 March 1782.

Thomas Kirkpatrick died intestate and the Intestacy papers were filed in Kershaw County, South Carolina. John Kirkpatrick (Brother) and Margaret Kirkpatrick (Widow) applied for letter of administration for the estate. Warrant to appraise was signed 20 March 1782 with James Love, William Gaston, Joseph Feemster, Samuel Robertson and Hzekiel Gaston named as appraisers. An inventory and also a list of items sold, with prices exists. The sale produced 1857 pounds sterling. No real estate was listed, and no heirs or distributions recorded.

Unknown 1st WifeTK was born (date unknown).

Thomas Kirkpatrick and Unknown 1st WifeTK had the following children:



Jane Kirkpatrick.



John Kirkpatrick.



James Kirkpatrick.

Thomas Kirkpatrick and Margaret Craig were married in March 1778 in York Co., South Carolina. Margaret Craig was born on 3 August 1749 in Ulster, Ireland. She died on 17 January 1846 at the age of 96 in Sangamon Co., Illinois.

Thomas Kirkpatrick and Margaret Craig had the following children:



Hannah Kirkpatrick was born on 16 January 1780 in York Co., South Carolina.