Third Generation

21. James Kirkpatrick was born in 1743 in Pennsylvania?. He died on 1 January 1781 at the age of 38 in York Co., South Carolina.

James Kirkpatrick is said to have been born in 1743. Since his father emigrated from Belfast, Ireland in 1736, and shortly lived in Pennsylvania prior to being found in 1750-51 in South Carolina and receiving land grants from the governor of North Carolina in 1754.

According to family sources he was killed by a group of Tories during the Revolution. He is buried in Bullock's Creek Cemetery, York County, SC. The headstone reads: "James Kirkpatrick, Deceast, 1781"...the stone lies flat to the ground and is found in the older part of the cemetary near other Kirkpatricks.

James Kirkpatrick served in the Revolution with the South Carolina militia. An indent is on file in Columbia, SC, at the South Carolina Archives, made to James Kilpatrick for duty with Brandon's Regiment 'Before and since the fall of Charleston'. Brandon would be Thomas Brandon, born in Pennsylvania and migrant to what is now Union County, SC. Brandon often served under General Sumter. We know he was active at Musgrove's Mill, King's Mountain, Blackstock's and Cowpens. We do not have any information as to whether James Kirkpatrick was with Brandon during any of these actions. This indent (U2956 Book X) was paid 17 November 1788 and received and signed for on that date by Thomas Gillham, executor, James Kirkpatrick's father-in-law. The signed receipt, again, bears the name of James Kilpatrick but is unquestionably James Kirkpatrick.

Kirkpatrick met his death during the Revolution in his own home during a tumultuous period of the war. South Carolina was torn by war, by shifting allegiances, by bitter blood fights between the native Patriots and Tories, and by family differences. After an engagement James Kirkpatrick went parole for a captured Tory neighbor named Mayfield, allowing him to return home to his family. The men returned to their respective homes. Still smarting from the battle loss, a group of Tories who had discovered from Mayfield that Kirkpatrick had returned home, surrounded his house. Bursting through the doors they killed him in front of his wife. The date is ordinarily given as New Years Day, 1781. This is family tradition, but has continued to be told in all four son's families down through the years.

James Kirkpatrick married Susannah Gillham, a daughter of Thomas Gillham abt. 1765 or thereabouts their oldest child was born in 1766. James Kirkpatrick died intestate. We have uncovered NO records--inventories, sale bills, guardianships or otherwise-- bearing on this intestacy.

After Kirkpatrick's death Susannah Kirkpatrick married Joseph Scott. Day Jewell states that this marriage took place in South Carolina circa 1783. He further states that the Scott family moved to Georgia about 1788. From later records we find the family in Jackson County Georgia. Scott's will dated 25 November 1817, and on file in Jackson County, Georgia, states: "First I give to beloved wife Suanna Scott one negro woman named Nance & her girl child named Rachel together with their future increase to be disposed of in any way she may think proper, also two cows & calves, her choice, one bay horse called Raustor, all my stock of hogs, one feathered bed & furniture, all my household & kitchen furniture & all my plantation tools, all to be at her disposal except one cupboard which at my wifes decease I give to my son Joseph....."

Susannah (Gillham) Kirkpatrick Scott removed to Illinois in 1818 with her son James Kirkpatrick, escorted apparently by his brothers John and Francis who returned from Illinois Territory for the task. Susannah died, date unknown, apparently in Sangamon County, Illinois, while living with her son John.

An undated paper by John Fletcher Kirkpatrick, a grandson of Susannah (Gillham) Kirkpatrick Scott, tells the story this way: "After his death (James Kirkpatrick) she married a man by the name of Potts (actually Scott--probably a transcription error over time). At his death my father (John Kirkpatrick) and uncle Frank (Francis Kirkpatrick) went to Georgia after her and Uncle James and family and moved her to Illinois, but I cannot remember the year. She lived with us when we lived in Bond County and went with us when we moved to Sangamon County, near Springfield, where she died." ("History of the Kirkpatricks", paper by John Fletcher Kirkpatrick, son of Susannah's son John. No date.)

James Kirkpatrick and Susannah Gillham were married in 1765 in York Co., South Carolina. Susannah Gillham, daughter of Thomas Major Gillham and Margaret Peggy Gay Campbell, was born in 1747 in Augusta Co., Virginia.5 She died in 1831 at the age of 84 in Springfield, Sangamon Co., Illinois.5,6

Youngest of 11 children born to Captain Thomas & Margaret 'Peggy' (Campbell) Gillham. Married James Kirkpatrick, son of James & Mary (Newton?) Kirkpatrick, who was born in 1743 in what is believed to have been Pennsylvania. James died on 1 Jan 1781 at the hands of a neighbor whom he had paroled to his home. He was killed in front of his wife and family.

James Kirkpatrick and Susannah Gillham had the following children:



Thomas Newton Kirkpatrick.



James Gillham Kirkpatrick.



Francis Kirkpatrick.



John Kirkpatrick.



Polly Kirkpatrick was born about 1777.