Seventh Generation

1770. Clifford Kirkpatrick was born on 22 October 1898 in Fitchburg, Worcester Co., Massachusetts.749 He died on 11 January 1971 at the age of 72 in Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana.750

Clifford, the eldest son of Edwin Asbury and Florence May (Clifford) Kirkpatrick was born at Fitchburg, Worcester Co., Massachusetts, 22 October 1898. He died 11 January 1971 in Indiana.

He married, first, Doris Katherine Upton on 8 June 1927. He married a second time to Marjorie Dietz on 30 Jun 1939. Marjorie died 14 May 1957. He married third to Mazelle Van Cleave, 24 April 1959.

Clifford took an A.B. at Clark College in 1920, an A.M. at Clark University, and a Ph.D at the University of Pennsylvania in 1925. He held various teaching positions at Clark University, Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania. He was an associate professor of sociology at the University of Minnesota and a professor of sociology at Indiana University. In 1936-37 he had a Guggenheim research fellowship in Germany. In World War I he was a private in the U.S. strategic bombing survey in 1945. He was decorated with the Distinguished Service Cross in 1918.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Clifford was a prolific author, turning out a large number of works in his chosen field of sociology. Among them: "Capital Punishment (1925)", "Religeon in Human Affairs (1926)", "Nazi Germany, It's Women and Family Life (1938)", "What Science Says About Happiness In Marriage (1947)", and "The Family as Process and Institution (1955, rev. 1963)".

Clifford Kirkpatrick was a contributor to professional journals of sociology and member of a number of professional societies and associations. He made his home in Bloomington, Indiana.

There was one child born of the first marriage; and two children born of the second marriage.

Clifford a sociologist at Minnesota and Indiana Universities. Source: Lyllis Brown.

Social Security Death Index:
Individual: Kirkpatrick, Clifford
Birth date: 22 Oct 1898
Death date: Jan 1971
Social Security #: 309-38-4458
Last residence: IN 47401
State of issue: IN

Clifford Kirkpatrick and Doris Katherine Upton were married on 8 June 1927.90 Doris Katherine Upton died after 1965. From the Fitchburg Sentinel newspaper, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, October 21, 1965, Doris Upton Kirkpatrick was a Newspaper woman, and chairman of the United Fund. She was going to write a historical book about Fitchburg.

Clifford Kirkpatrick and Doris Katherine Upton had the following children:



Judith K. Kirkpatrick was born (date unknown).

Clifford Kirkpatrick and Marjorie Dietz were married on 30 June 1939 in Monroe Co., Indiana.57 Marjorie Dietz died on 14 May 1957.

Clifford Kirkpatrick and Marjorie Dietz had the following children:



Meredith Kay Kirkpatrick was born (date unknown).



Laird Clifford Kirkpatrick was born (date unknown).

Clifford Kirkpatrick and Mazelle Van Cleave were married in 1959. Mazelle Van Cleave was born (date unknown).